Alchemical Music Box is a new music media.

We saw audio tapes loosing their importance, CDs are fading from our memory, vinil records are gone and rediscovered. We do not want to replace anyone, but we aim to empower musicians and offer them to release their albums also on AMB. Then the fans will be able not only to listen to their favorite music anywhere, but also invest in it their energy and feelings!

The Real Tuesday Weld (UK) is already preparing a special album. Music specially recorded for Alchemical Music Box.

HURDY-GURDY. Stories about mechanical music instruments.

The exhibition project, in which we show the electronic hurdy-gurdy Alchemical Music Box, which is a new way of recording and a new kind of a musical instrument, a source of inspiration for artists and musicians, invention of the XXI century, in the context of musical mechanical instruments. Rare hurdy-gurdy, organettes and music boxes, findings of collectors and museum exhibits, multimedia and interactive objects.