Musician, composer, band The Real Tuesday Weld


Every musician know about evolution of recording devices. We know vinyl, cassette tapes, CD and, of course MP3… Create Ambox in your opinion - this is a new stage of evolution?

Totally, because it is interactive, and a mixture of the old (organic) and the new (electronic). You need to put energy in - you have to participate to play music with the Ambox. You cannot lie there like a corpse just listening - maybe you can do that when you are dead.

For now you are alive. You have to at least turn the handle but you can also walk, dance, sing, play it for other people,play it for you grandmother,  you can transform this sad old grey, shitty world into a place of colour and joy.

That is why I suggested the name Alchemical Music -  because alchemy turns shit in to gold.

What, for you as a musician, is a major advantage of Ambox over other music carriers?

I want my fans, my friends to play along with me. For a musician, this magical musical machine means that the listeners can partake in the music we make. They can really play it - not just press a button or click a mouse. But also they can change it  - they can redecorate the box, they can erase it. They can play it to other people at parades, at parties, at weddings, at funerals. I will be playing it at my own funeral.


Can you tell us about your first impression, when you get in the hands of Ambox?

Well, I was in a cafe with my friend Sergey Korsakov after The Real Tuesday Weld played a show in Moscow. Sergey introduced me to Sergey Rizkov who built the Ambox (he called it a Sharmanka then). I was delighted. I was pleased to be the first English musicians to see it  and I knew immediately that I wanted to help. I love this thing, I love strange machines,  I love music, I love Russian culture and I love my Russian friends. So this is another way for me to combine all these things that I love and to spread the positive news about Russia - to make Propaganda for the State of Love - in contrast to the negative news that media speak.


It is known that Ambox - it is also a real art object, and in each “hurdy-gurdy” artist puts soul and creates an original image. You are going to release the album on Ambox in 2016. Are you in images come to mind that you would like to see in the artistic decision in Ambox? Or from the artists you prefer to wait for a pleasant surprise?

I am waiting for a surprise - I love surprises. I know that wonderful things will be made. I have some ideas for sure, but i trust the ingenuity and incredible artistic talents of you Russians. So, come on! Thrill me! Shock me!