Master Of Alchemy Sergey Ryzhkov

Demiurge of Alchemical music box


How did you get the idea of creating an e-hurdy-gurdy, that has served as an inspiration, an impulse?

On inspiration, as such, we will not say rather one idea gradually led to the creation of electronic hurdy-gurdy. At one time I was doing different variations of robots, flying, walking. Аt some point, I was fascinated by the idea of autonomous work of these devices, independent of any power supply, especially electricity. There were options and with solar panels, but the aim was one - "independent" life of the device. I asked myself, what can cause them to move, thinking about the hand generators. Once I got into the hands of the Chinese radioreceiver, who also had pen, and then I thought about creating a music device in the spirit of the hurdy-gurdy. Turn the handle - is playing, do not turn the handle - does not play! I thought, sorted through different versions, tried different generators … The fifth - the sixth version was the final, and eventually got Ambox.

Hurdy-gurdy we associate with street culture, strolling musicians, street theater ... How wide, in your opinion, the use of a new invention?

Of course, this tool is street art format. But we are thinking a lot of the scope, and, of course, it depends on the audience. For me, the interest in the concept created by the public, was unexpected. After the first responses, it became apparent that it could be more consistent project.

Initially hurdy-gurdy was positioned as a tool for those who do not know how to play. And before that, with the help of a barrel organ and a constant play tunes people trained songbirds. It all depends on the person, of course.

You take Ambox in hand and feel like a musician. What then can you affect - tempo, volume. Now we are thinking about Hurdy-gurdy ensemble, a synchronous game of two or three machine tools. This will be the first time, a hi-tech element. Let's see what happens.


Tell us a little about the unit itself AMB, if not secret?

At the core of the device - a kind of imitation of the operating principle of Hurdy-gurdy, with the addition of all the usual music player, an amplifier, a speaker. Can be used Midi, MP3 file. And, of course, Ambox not dependent on electricity, batteries, because manually driven generator.

Always curious know about the inventor of the unique mechanism.

I was doing some other lifetime. I graduated from MIPT, Faculty of Applied Mathematics Management, and consider myself a geek in a pure form. I am the founder of the provider company RiNet. Many of my friends began to develop in the field of electronic design, made me pay attention to this area and infected. I watched what was going on in this area, the creation of different robots and stuff with the "computer brains," and began to invent gadgets.

Ambox - this is a variant of that seems to me interesting. A device that provides freedom of man. People lived without electricity for several hundred years, and his appearance became dependent on him. I think that all around us is enough unused energy, you only need to find a way to use it.


And a few words for the future owners of the AMB, wishes and parting words, perhaps?

Try, try! We need your response. Look at the more widely. After all, the unusual things should look in an unusual way.