"Alchemists" is a band of performers who use Ambox to establish connections with the people and between people. We achieve this actively involving our spectators into various entertaining and cognitive actions during the performance. "Alchemists" are constantly cheating themselves on the rollerof Ambox and try to make alchemical experiments searching for different values of the today's world.

Anyone can become part of alchemical experiments together with "Alchemists". We are aiming at scrolling our inner world and at finding values there - our most passionate desires and sacred dreams.And we make them come true at once! Thanks to construction of Ambox we reach this aim immediately and painlessly - just pulling the handle.

Moreover "Alchemists" together with the audience scroll the environment through Ambox and change it drastically. And then we scroll it backwards into recognizable form and give people chance to dance, to sing, and to enjoy themselves.


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Performance Alchimicals


Premiere of Musical Performance "Alchemists" in the Hermitage garden, 21.05.2016


Dress rehearsal