You can buy your own first Alchemical music box

  • Standard Ambox (without a special design)

  • Author's unique Ambox, handmade by artists

  • Ambox can be ordered with your design, you propose an idea, we implement

  • Ambox can order and make your own design after


You can be one of the first owners Ambox! The firstapplications will be able to purchase Ambox at a special price:

375 €


Alchemical music box - it's not just a tool and an art object, but a source of inspiration.

  • If you are an artist, you can decorate Ambox, if will be selected and will be able to participate in mobile art exhibition

  • If you are a musician, you can create a composition specifically for Ambox or to release an album on our box.

  • Are you an actor or a circus performer, or just want to use the Ambox in their performances?


It is very important feedback for us, we ask to all users Alchemical Music Box to send your reviews!