You can order production of your own Ambox (Alchemical music box)

  • Basic Ambox (without a special design)

  • Left-handed Ambox

  • Engraving of your identity on the top lid or side wall

  • Paint or decorate your Ambox

  • Prerecord your music

  • Special Transparent Illuminated Ambox

  • Sync Ambox (can sync to other Sync Amboxes in range)


Current price for basic Ambox in Europe, UK and USA:

375€ / £330 / $430

Please send your reviews and recordings of your fun with Ambox!


Alchemical music box - it's not just a tool and an art object, but a source of inspiration.

  • If you are an artist, you can decorate Ambox

  • If you are a musician, you can create a composition specifically for Ambox or to release an album on our box.

  • Are you an actor or a circus performer, or just want to use the Ambox in performances? You can get a special proposal