Alchemist Dmitry Efimenko



Say a few words about yourself and what you do in the project, and not only?

My name is Dmitry Efimenko, and I'm the guy who collects Ambox of various components. Also, I do the administrative issues related to the project. In general, I humanities, but has always liked to do something by hands.


What was your first exposure to the electric hurdy-gurdy and tell us about your impressions of the new instrument?

At one party I met the inventor Ambox Sergei Ryzhkov, who is familiar with for many years. He showed me a musical miracle. Seeing the principle of Ambox, I like practicing busker immediately praised it as an ideal tool for street performances. Scribble it "cons", turn the handle and sing for fun. So, I am very pleased Ambox, and I asked for an assistant.

Further more! At the request of enthusiastic musicians Ryzhkov came up with how to synchronize multiple Ambox. Now, breaking the track on the individual components of the tool, it is possible to perform whole collectives. This is indeed a brilliant thing.

Only for street art performances?

People often ask me for whom is Ambox? Who is its target audience? Here, for example, there are lots of people who really love music. But, unfortunately, do not know how to play. Ambox just can give these people the illusion of personal musical participation. The possibility for public musical expression.

You can, of course, trite turn play on the boombox and walk with him down the street. But I think it's a little too primitive. In Ambox, anyway, you have to invest your own energy. I once on one of the first public demonstrations of our "music box" for 5 hours at a time turned the handle and, frankly, a little bit tired.But you should have seen the surprised, happily smiling faces of listeners. Their emotions are paid back all spent force.

Ambox for all its seeming simplicity, indeed, an inexhaustible source of creativity: music, theater, fine. I'm sure that Ambox will find its user. And the owner of our electric hurdy-gurdy it will be an eternal source of joy!