Sergey Ryzhkov

Master of Alchemy

AMB Demiurge

Creator and founder of the RiNet provider company. Author of the Ambox concept, an electronic hurdy-gurdy, working without electricity or batteries. Ambox, for him, is a device that provides a certain degree of individual freedom. He believes that we have enough of unused energy all around us and only need to find a way to use it.

"Look at everything more widely. After all, unusual things should be seen in an unusual way"

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Tim Yarzhombek

Master of Alchemy


His personal Ambox made in the form of a robot head (because of the resemblance) with various musical quotations.

«Ambox is such a thing that immediately becomes the object of a discussion. No dependence on batteries. Absolutely new way to interact with the music. Children are ecstatic about it!»

Evgeniya Orishenko

Master of Alchemy

Art critic, curator of contemporary art exhibitions and museum projects, works in the "ROSIZO" museum and exhibition center. More than anything, she loves to combine different types of art in the same space.

The exhibition projects she appreciates the most are the ones that give an opportunity to open a dialogue with the audience, to involve it in the process of a game.

The first time she saw the electronic hurdy-gurdy, she realized that it's not an exhibit for display cases, but for live communication with the audience.

Dima Efimenko

Master of Alchemy

Engineer. A man who makes the final thing from different details.

A practicing street musician. Has humanitarian education but always loved creating things himself. After the meeting with Sergei Ryzhkov (the creator of the Ambox), where he saw the principle of electronic hurdy-gurdy, he realized that he had found an ideal tool for the street performances.

"Turn the handle, and sing to your heart's content!"

He believes that Ambox gives people the illusion of personal musical participation. And it is not necessary for them to be able to play any instrument at all.

"I'm sure that Ambox will find its user. And for the owner of our electronic hurdy-gurdy it will be an eternal source of joy!"

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Viktoria Korsakova



I do what makes me happy, and the world around more open and beautiful. Most often this is obtained by using cardboard and paper decorations, communicative performances, edutainment-programs and active work with the local community. I manage the Moscow studio "Made in Cardboardia", organize mass events, I'm also engaged in the development of special projects.

I am inspired by the changes in people and environment, which I see as a result of my work.

Ambox for me is a great new opportunity to engage the audience in a mass event or performance, and turn the people from mere observers to actors and co-authors.

Sergey Korsakov

Master of Alchemy

Tiran of Cardboardia

Cardboardia is a country without territory, so the main economic resource of it is creative energy. Characters of Cardboardia, headed by elected Tyran, are looking for the sources of this energy, they create machinery, devices, even plants for its production and development.

«Ambox for Cardboardia is like an oil derrick for a classical state."

Ulya Gromova

Master of Alchemy

Animation artist and illustrator

Loves avant-garde paintings, music of King Crimson and poems by Vladimir Mayakovsky. For her graduation project chose the poem "To everything".

Believes that Ambox adds magic to the atmosphere, and the hurdy-gurdy really becomes alive when one rotates the handle. That is why she decided to design the instrument as a haunted house and used a rotation mechanism to revitalize a dancing puppet of a sceleton.

For her, Ambox is an artifact with a soul!

Anton Silaev


Film composer, multi-instrumentalist, whose main instrument is the trumpet.

Professionally and expertly wielding traditional methods of sound production, Anton is constantly experimenting with his instrument, dissecting it, morphing sound through a variety of electronic devices and equipment, changing it beyond recognition. Member of Block (BASS) ter band, where he's in charge of trumpet and electronics. Finds inspiration in creative people, their ideas and sometimes even in his own head.

To anyone who takes in their hands Ambox, he has one recommendation: «Turn, gentlemen, turn!»


Andrey Feygin


Minister of Silly Ideas

Apart from being a Minister, he's also a father of many children, the head of a family theater «Klumba iz tumby», creator and host of "Phis.-joy" at the Museum of Moscow and in the Parent School "Jewel".

Through working with the Ambox, he discovered the following advantages of an electris hurdy-gurdy: it gives you an opportunity to immerse completely in the creative process, it is an excellent assistant in the individual performances (thanks to the autonomy from a soundman and mobility, it allows to diversify the performance), unlike the factory instruments with ready designs, Ambox can change its appearance and become a personal art-object.

"My wise wife suggested an idea, which I think is brilliant, to make a barrel organ the main driver and a character of our next performance. So the question is whether or not to purchase an Ambox for our family has been resolved ... "


Stephen Coates

Master of Alchemy

Stephen is a musician, storyteller and English alchemist. He is the founder of The Real Tuesday Weld band.

He loves Russian musical culture, strange things and people. For the Alchemical Music Box he is making a special soundtrack album. 

«The Ambox transforms the mundane world into a magical world.  It doesn’t require electricity - just one arm and a big heart!»

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Rita Cherepanova

Master of Alchemy

Artist and illustrator from Moscow. She loves illustration in all its forms, especially estamp and graphics of Soviet children's books.

«I chose the theme of a circus tent, because I associate Ambox with all those circus-like images, and one of them - a gymnast, so I've represented it on the box. I find it so cool that Ambox runs as long as you're strong enough to turn the handle»

Lyolya Frolova


Artist and designer, inspired by urban landscapes and the beauty of chance.

«I really like the stories that connect the past and the future in the present here and now, they help to feel the depth of lived moments. Such a story for me became an Ambox. This box stores in itself memories of past generations, it won't loose its actuality in the future, and it fills the air of today with something good and eternal»

Artem Gapurov



What makes a hurdy-gurdy a hurdy-gurdy? Its shape? A handle? Sound? I’m sure that the first hurdy-gurdy looked like a wooden box with a minimum number of gears, pipes, bellows, and the handle, which put the whole bizarre mechanism in motion. It had a great potential for development even then, let alone present time. How to realize it? This question is answered by the project itself and the work of each participant - artist, musician, designer. I am sure that the owners of the electric hurdy-gurdy Ambox will enjoy it!


Paul Hartfield